Star Wars New Republic Census

Session One


The group is sitting in the lobby of a large tower in the central area of Coruscant not far from where the former Imperial Palace stands. The building is a former location for the Imperial Trade, Export, and Resource Management sectors of the government. Because of this, the building is lavishly decorated, which makes things rather interesting as the first floor lobby is full of beings of all types of species with lots of armor and weapons. For some reason the New Republic Census Bureau is hiring a lot of mercenaries, bounty hunters, scoundrels, fringers, and freighter captains. While they are waiting, K’neth tries to remotely access the computer terminal near the front reception desk and is able to slice into the computer and pull up a directory for the building. It is clear the building is 200 stories tall, but there is only listings for the top 100 floors. Before he can finish slicing further into the security system, a protocol droid calls the three individual’s names. The group follow the droid to a turbolift. On the turbolift, the droid introduces himself as T3-HX, an advanced experimental census droid. He looks like a regular protocol droid, and seems to behave in a proper manner. On the turbolift they notice that while the lift has lights for 200 floors, only 100 of them are now accessible.

Arriving at the 100th floor, they find a census office in chaos. Individuals run around the office, datapads, flimsi notes, paper, and datacards are strewn all over the room. The droid marches past all the mess towards a room with the label: “Drichard Chum’bli: Special Assignment Crew Leader.” The droid knocks and Chum’bli tells the group to come in while hurling insults at the protocol droid. The group enters to find an even larger mess in a smaller room, Spotty accidentally bumps into a wall and sends a pile of datapads crashing to the ground. Chum’bli shakes his head and then looks through the datapad and tells the crew their assignment. A prior operation crew arrived at Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine but near the end of their operation they went missing. This crew’s job is thus to go and finish the assignment as well as try to find the whereabouts of the previous crew.

Spotty, Draen and K’neth all look rather unhappy about the dangers this assignment presents and manage to convince Chum’bli to up their pay rate, especially considering how dangerous this current operation seems to be. Chum’bli gets them their badges, continues to insuld T3-HX, and then ignores them and goes about doing more paperwork. The group leaves his office and heads to requisition’s office to try and get better laser cannons for their ship, but are unable to convince the man in charge of supplies that they need the weapons. While Spotty roams around, Draeth and K’neth go ahead and begin to discuss a plan to find more information. First they head back into the requisition office to try and get more data chips with information about how to conduct a census operation. In convincing the requisition office to supply these, they are also given chips which tell how to apply for extra pay and reimbursement when traveling to far destinations by hyperspace.


Leaving the building, the group heads to the local spaceport where Spotty parked, finding the spot is deep in the back of the starport where no one seems to be hanging around. As they approach a series of three story tall hangar’s where the freighter is parked, they find a group of Rodians who are armed. One Rodian is extremely well dressed and points in the direction of Draen and K’neth and says in Huttese: “There he is, get him!” The Rodians pull blaster rifles, pistols, and vibroblades and begin to advance. K’neth instantly hacks into a nearby loadlifter carrying a crate and hacks it to crash into the Rodian with a vibroblade. The crate slams into him and begins to drag him until it slams against a wall crushing the poor Rodian to death. Spotty begins to move towards cover as the Rodian’s return fire, and in a gambit yells “The droids, they are attacking, RUN!” Three of the Rodians buy this ploy and take off running. Despite his armor, Draen is heavily injured by a blaster pistol bolt from one of the Rodians who doesn’t run. K’neth takes advantage of a computer system and uses the cargo lifters to drop a crate near the back of a hangar to provide cover for the group, Spotty runs past the cover and peaks out and fires a blaster bolt. K’neth opens fire on one of the Rodians and misses. The Rodians return fire again, and this time K’neth is hit hard by blaster fire and looks close to going down. In a heroic moment K’neth jumps on top of a crate and has it lifted up by a computer system to the roof of the hangar while firing blaster bolts, but missing. Draen realizing more Rodians are returning to the battle uses his large blaster rifle to punch several holes in another of their assailants. The group continues to fight, and K’neth drops a crate on top of the well dressed Rodian which instantly crushes the Rodian to death. By this time Spotty has run to the hangar door and enters, finding T3-HX working on the door panel. Ignoring the droid, Spotty runs onto the ship and begins to warm it up. K’neth rides a crate into the hangar leaving Draen by himself against another Rodian. As the Rodian and Draen are about to show down, T3-HX runs from the hangar with a blaster rifle cursing and laughing, and uses the rifle to blow away the Rodian. The droid immediately drops the rifle and begins to walk back into the hangar as if nothing happened, Draen stares in horror at what the droid has just done.

The crew finds out that the Rodians are all down, and exits and finds a datapad which simply said “He still owes me, take something back from him”. The crew finds one of the Rodians is still alive and drags him onto the ship where the 2-1B droid supplied by the Census helps to get the Rodian healed. The heroes, however, had forgotten to disarm the Rodian who starts to draw his pistol, but a quick move from Draen not only beats the Rodian to the pistol, but adds a twirl of the weapon before pointing it against the being’s head. The group questions the Rodian about who hired him, and what he knows. He says that one of them owed part of the 250,000 credits to his boss and that he has come to get part of the money back. Draen is horrified thinking he now owes the mob even more money. K’neth asks Draen what he did to make the mob owe him money, and Draen naturally believes he himself is at fault, but Spotty thinks that K’neth is hiding something but doesn’t push the point.

Draen notices something out of the corner of his eye, and on a cam unit he see’s two Trandoshan’s trying to slice open the door. K’neth gets to work slicing the door locked closed and is sucessful. The Trandoshans respond by taking a large pack of explosives and begin to strap them to the door to prepare to detonate the door open. The Trandoshan’s use too much explosive, and K’neth slices the door to open causing the explosives to go off. The hangar is rocked by the explosion which not only destroys a good portion of the hangar, but also damages the ship. The group takes off quickly to try and fly to a safer hangar. A man comes on the com system telling them that the government is ordering them to return to their hangar and land. The group finds this odd, and decides to make a run out of the planets atmosphere and get to Tatooine with a little urging from T3-HX who begins transmitting work information back to the census.

Spotty makes an impressive barrel roll climb through the heavy traffic of Coruscant showing off his skills in piloting. The ship is soon in space and makes the jump to hyperspace, however the bad calculations take them to close to a black hole ripping them out of hyperspace and causing structural damage to the ship. The group makes a more careful calculation and jumps to hyperspace. While in hyperspace T3-HX tries to show the group his collection of Imperial Census materials, including posters of Palpatine urging people to participate and be part of the great Galactic Order. The crew sort of blows him off, and seem to forget about the Rodian they have imprisoned in one of the Cabins. Spotty is disturbed to find that T3-HX has not only taken over his own person Captain’s quarters, but has filled it with census memorabilia and work stuff. The droid does note that the previous crew on Tatooine met some trouble. 14 days after having left Coruscant, the group finally arrives at Tatooine.


The group comes out of hyperspace to find that there is a battle. An Imperial Frigate has launched TIE’s and is laying mines and is being assaulted by a smaller New Republic Corvette and X-Wing’s. The group receives an emergency transmission from the New Republic forces and launches into action. The YT-1930 flies into battle and fires at a TIE fighter, damaging it heavily. The Corvette and Frigate begin to trade fire, the Frigate clearly outclassing the Republic ship. The X-wings and TIE’s also trade fire, while Draen launches in an A-wing from the freighter. The battle progresses, with the Corvette being pounded by the Frigate, and the TIE fighters being mostly taken out by the X-wing’s. With the X-wing’s and Corvette focusing on the Frigate, Draen flies in a dogfight with the last TIE fighter. K’neth hatches a plan and T3-HX takes over on the laser cannons. The droid seems calm for a moment, and then goes wild again cursing the Imperials and firing away with glee at the frigate. Amazingly, not only the droid hit it, but is extremely effective. K’neth launches the second A-wing unpiloted with all it ammunition armed and slams it into the Frigate in a massive explosion which does a ton of damage. The Frigate slams the Corvette with a barrage, and the Corvette breaks into pieces strewing debris through out space. The X-wing’s press the attack as Draen still continues his dogfight. The X-wing’s move into attack position but run into a mine launched by the frigate, and are heavily damaged. The Frigate takes out another X-wing, leaving only the X-wing, A-wing, YT-1930, and TIE fighter in the battle. The X-wing launches another torpedo into the Frigate and it begins to blossom fire and explosions. A lambda class shuttle launches from the Frigate and two figures are pictured in a holo transmission.

One wears a cape, the other wears a mask and dark clothing. The one with the red cape looks straight into camera and points at it. “You New Republic scum have entered my territory, and you will pay the price, as did your previous forces and teams had.” The shuttle flies to Tatooine and disappears into the darkness. The YT-1930 also flies towards Tatooine, as the Frigate breaks into pieces. Draen finally wins his dogfight with the TIE fighter and finds himself and the X-wing the only survivors left in space. The x-wing says it has called for help and will remain on station above the planet while Draen gives chase to his friends and the Lambda shuttle…

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