Rebel victory at coruscant1A Galaxy at War! The New Republic, lead by a daring assault by Rogue Squadron and Admiral Ackbar has driven the Imperial leadership from Coruscant, and for the first time in decades, the city planet widely considered to be the center of the galaxy is out of the hands of Imperial rule. With the fledgling New Republic government struggling to combat the Empire across the galaxy, while also trying to maintain control over the member planets of the New Republic, the government has decided to take steps towards establishing a better galactic order.

In a move to signal the rise of the New Republic and the hope for democracy in the galaxy, Minister of State Leia Organa announces “Restoration Day”, the day when the Provisional Council of the New Republic was dissolved, and in its place are formed the New Republic Senate, General Ministry, and Court of Justice.

However, the reformation of a galactic senate is a complicated matter and much work needs to be done in order to put a working government in place. When the Empire fled Coruscant, much of their records were destroyed, including the population and demographic information of many of the planets in the galaxy. In order to restore this information, the New Republic declared the need for a galaxy wide census among New Republic member planets. The purpose of this Census is to count the population of planets, in order to determine how much representation each planet should be given within the New Republic government. Additionally, the survey of the galaxy will help the New Republic better understand the needs and issues facing many of the planets within the galaxy.

With the idea of conducting this census in mind, the New Republic has thus begun training teams across the galaxy, creating jobs for many citizens across the galaxy, and allowing many to become involved with government for the first time in history. However, this task has proved to rather difficult, and more field agents are being hired from various walks of life in order to assemble census work crews capable of handling any situation.

Star Wars New Republic Census